Tour of Naples and Pompei

You will be led away from the capital of Italy with our luxury cars, and our drives will come along with you by discovering Campania. Pompei can be reached from Rome after driving over a couple of hours along the south motorway (“Autostrada del Sole”). The village, UNESCO world heritage site, is visited on a year basis by millions of people interested in exploring one of Italy’s most appealing touristic places.

Our driver will stop the car by the site entrance and will wait for your until your visit is over. As inside, you will have a chance to see a Roman town where every single thing is fixed at the 24th of August of the year 79 BC. The Vulcan Vesuvio erupted suddenly causing an irreversible devastation. After the visit, you will be driven at one of the many restaurants close by, which are used to serving  the original “pizza napoletana”.

The afternoon will be dedicated to discover Naples, arguably one of Italy’s most famous cities.

Once in Naples, you will advised to have an “espresso coffee” by one the world’s most famous cafés (“Gran Caffè Gambrinus”) which is located just in front of “Piazza del Plebiscito”, the meeting point in the heart of the city.

The driver will lead you over for a 3-hrs tour straight in the historical city core. You will be surrounded by the charming proximity of Vesuvio and its seashore. The drive back to Rome is foreseen by late afternoon.

The tour lasts for approximately 12 hrs.