Florence in one day

You will be led away from the capital of Italy with our luxury cars, and our drives will come along with you by discovering Tuscany. Florence can be reached from Rome after driving over a 3 hours along the north motorway (“Autostrada del Sole”). Florence is the Renaissance quintessence and a city of great cultural and natural interest that relies heavily on tourism. For this very reason it is unanimously considered the Italy’s second most beautiful city after Rome. UNESCO world heritage site, Florence is visited every year by millions of tourists amazed in contemplation by its many monuments, “piazzas” and museums such as the “Duomo”, “Ponte Vecchio”, “Gli Uffizi”, “Piazza della Signoria” and “Palazzo Pitti”. The Tuscany cuisine is also appreciated for the good food and the perfect red wine produced throughout its many vineyard considered amongst the world’s best ones. Our driver will introduce you in this outstanding tour up to the late afternoon before heading back to Rome.

The tour lasts for approximately 12 hrs.