Amalfi Coast Tour (Sorrento and Amalfi)

You will be led away from the capital of Italy with our luxury cars, and our drives will come along with you by discovering Campania. Sorrento can be reached from Rome after driving over a 3 hours along the south motorway (“Autostrada del Sole”). The little town is situated at 50 meters above sea level and offers to tourists a breathtaking “balcony” with an enchanting sight of Capri island, Naples gulf and the Vesuvio outline. The poet Homer himself glorified these landscapes and natural beauties in his epic lyrics over 3000 years ago. The name “Sorrento” derives from the Greek “Surrenton” to refer to the abundance of rivers throughout the territory. Legend has it that it looked like the perfect place for mermaids. The site is renown also for the good food and particularly for the famous “gnocchi alla sorrentina” worldwide known. Before heading to Amalfi it is advised to purchase the famous liquor “Limoncello”, sweet tasted and appreciated all over the places.  The agenda foresees on early afternoon the visit to Amalfi Coast, the most beautiful seashore at approximately 1 hr drive from Amalfi. The little town has been famous since the Middle Ages in conjunction to the other three “Maritime Republics”, and is for many years a UNESCO world heritage site. Its spectacular views have been enjoyed by tourists for years. The drive back to Rome will take place after a visit to the matchless town.

The tour lasts for approximately 12 hrs.